Preview: Late Night Alternatives at Glastonbury

Preview: Late Night Alternatives at Glastonbury

by John F / May 22, 2024 / 1 comments
Wednesday, 26 June 2024 to Sunday, 30 June 2024

Since the introduction of Lost Vagueness in the early 00’s, Glastonbury’s late-night offerings have grown to become, for many, as important as the bands playing through the day. Long after the big stages finish for the night, the South East Corner, along with Arcadia and Silver Hayes, host some of the biggest names in electronic music across multiple genres.

But what if you’re not really into “music […] wholly or predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats”, or if the crowds, flashing lights and chaos just aren’t your idea of a good time? What you need is the OOFestivals Discord’s carefully curated list of late-night alternatives.

I’d like to listen to some music with actual instruments

Bimble Inn – Old-school festival vibes, good beer and a rootsy feel with acts playing late into the night. The best (only?) place to get a pint of Guinness on site.

Croissant Neuf – Low-key relaxed solar-powered venue, tucked away above the Green Fields. Eclectic up and coming acts with the occasional more well-known name.

Bread and Roses – Be touched with all the radiance and hear the people singing, maybe have a beer as well. Live music all weekend from a wide selection of genres, with lots of space to sit inside and outside.

I’d like a dance, but with less doof and more groove

Glasto Latino – Does exactly what you’d expect. Latin dance classes in the day, bands and DJ’s by night. Arguably the best cocktails on site to fuel your swaying hips.

Hop & Liquor – Indie hits, feel good tunes. Jump up and down, and sing (or shout) along with your mates and strangers.

Sweet Charity – Set sail (or just drift along) to disco, funk and the occasional band, running just as late as the SE Corner.

Sensation Seekers Stage – Handily placed to distract your friends who are determined to make it into the SE Corner, this stage hosts bands late at night and features the Glastonbury stalwarts Wheel of Four Tunes.

I’d like to sit and have a chat with my mates

Strummerville – Yes, there’s music on until late, but that walk up the hill means it’s rarely too busy late at night, and there’s lots of room to kick back and reflect on the day’s fun.

Atchin Tan / Rimski’s Yard – Catch some cabaret at Rimski’s yard, sit and listen to tales of life on the road at Atchin Tan, or just have a drink and take it easy in a corner that takes you back to the early Glastonbury spirit.

The Tiny Tea Tent – The only non-venue on this list gets an honourable mention as one of the few spaces that hasn’t changed much since I first went there in the early 90’s. Somewhere for a nice sit down and cup of tea (in a real mug) while you recoup and plan your next move.

Got more recommendations or favourite spots to share? Come to the OOFestivals Discord and join the discussions about Glastonbury and other festivals in the UK and beyond.

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