Stereophonics Gig Review

Stereophonics Gig Review

by john / Apr 02, 2022 / 0 comments
Tuesday, 4 January 2022

This was Stereophonics’ second appearance this year, after playing a sold out show in March, a few days after releasing their latest album.

Speaking of the new album, you should know it is really good. Give it a listen if you haven’t already done so. The setlist was sprinkled with tracks from the album and the crowd not only loved them, but sang along to most of them, especially “Indian Summer”.

The opening track, “Catacomb”, taken off the latest album, was a good choice, injecting a healthy dose of energy right from the start. It’s not the most representative Stereophonics song, but it was a great way to kickstart the show. One of the first highs of the night was another track from “Graffiti on the Train”, the melodic ballad “We Share the Same Sun”.

Around thirty minutes into the set, “Maybe Tomorrow” got the crowd singing along from the top of their lungs. Kelly Jones remembered why Dublin is always a fun place to play. He even remembered a gig on his thirtieth birthday that turned into a party with a three day hungover.

Soon after that, “Indian Summer” marked another moment with everyone singing. The set felt a bit linear after that, as if people were hoping for something more. A bunch of big balloons released from above animated the venue. That “something more” that everyone was waiting for came with the encore, when the band returned for a few more tracks.

The highlight was, of course, “Dakota”, Stereophonichs’ most popular song. With the aid of a few pillars of red or green flames, the band offered a memorable end to a very good show. You always know the show was good when people keep humming the songs all the way home.

Setlist Stereophonics – O2

Local Boy in the Photograph
Graffiti on the Train
We Share the Same Sun
A Thousand Trees
More Life in a Tramp’s Vest
Maybe Tomorrow
Could You Be the One?
Vegas Two Times
Bank Holiday Monday
Mr Writer
In a Moment
Indian Summer
Have a Nice Day
Roll the Dice
Violins and Tambourines
Been Caught Cheating
The Bartender and the Thief

I Stopped to Fill My Car Up
Just Looking
Pick a Part That’s New

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