Hyde & Beast - Sebright Arms

Hyde & Beast - Sebright Arms

by jessicajolly / Aug 16, 2015 / 0 comments
Saturday, 15 August 2015

A tiny stage beneath a pub in Bethnal Green that you have to access through a series of tiled hallways, you don't expect a band to blow your hair back in such a setting. On Saturday night, Hyde & Beast did just that. The boys travelled all the way from Sunderland for a rare London gig, and the packed crowd was treated to a well crafted and passionately performed set of rock n roll. They kicked off the show with “Train to Nowhere”, a tune with layers of instrumentation yet a beautifully clear melody to show off Dave Hyde's sexy tenor vocals. It's music to make love to, a sound saturated with the free-love psychedelia of 70s. Just under an hour of music ensues, at which point the audience demands an encore. The band immediately rushed back on stage and performed “Everything You Want” and “Blue”, the last song featuring tight harmonies and excellent musicianship, everything that makes this band so exciting.

While many writers have noted the obvious influences of T-Rex and late career Brian Wilson, it's another, more obsure act from the 70s that Hyde & Beast remind me of, the Americana swagger of Little Feat. Maybe it's the beard.

Oh, and while we highly recommend seeing their live shows for the outstanding performances they put on, be sure to also visit the merch table where the band sells their own beer. The brown ale is dark and delicious. We think they should call their next brew “Hyde & Yeast.”

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