Fun Lovin Criminals - Kentish Town Forum

Fun Lovin Criminals - Kentish Town Forum

by jessicajolly / Feb 22, 2016 / 0 comments
Saturday, 20 February 2016

16 years since the decade ended, 90s nostalgia has now fully engulfed music, fashion, cinema, and art. Some of it’s a refreshing respite from the 21st century (Seinfeld and baggy jumpers), some of it makes those of us old enough to have been through it the first time cringe (Ace of Base and ill-fitting dungarees.) The Fun Loving’ Criminals Anniversary tour fit well into the former, and their show at The Kentish Town Forum took us through a fun, nostalgic tour through the heyday of funky pop-rap.

The concept of the gig was unusual: two sets, got the first set the band played “Come Find Yourself” in it’s entirety to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the album. Then after a 20 minute break, the Criminals were to return to the stage to take us through an array of greatest hits. The problem that comes to mind with that billing is that their biggest, baddest hits were mostly on “Come Find Yourself.” That album was undoubtedly the bands apex. But the trio managed to surprise and satisfy the rambunctious crowd with a few forgotten (or never heard of) gems. All of the tracks fed into the groups “laid back gangster” aesthetic and were seeped in slow, groovy beats and nuanced guitar work that never attempted to fit into this millennium, but stayed true to coffee-shop feel that made the band such a success in the late 90s.

While Huey and his Fun Lovin Criminals may not have pushed any boundaries with these shows, an Anniversary Tour certainly doesn’t need to. In fact, perhaps an Anniversary Tour shouldn't. They’re playing the music that made us love them, and they're playing it at the very top of their abilities.

The Fun Lovin Criminals are rumoured to be hitting the festival circuit this summer, having already confirmed an appearance at BoomTown, so if you missed this tour, there will be plenty of opportunity to check them out soon.

Set 1:
The Fun Lovin' Criminal
The Grave and the Constant
Scooby Snacks
Smoke 'Em
Bombin' the L
I Can't Get With That
King of New York
We Have All the Time in the World
Bear Hug
Come Find Yourself
Crime and Punishment

Set 2:
Coney Island Girl
Friday Night
Korean Bodega
Love Unlimited
Big Night Out

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