Boston Goes Greek

Boston Goes Greek

by JasonBryan / Aug 06, 2016 / 0 comments
Thursday, 14 July 2016

Classic rock staple Boston came to the Greek Theater, with Dennis DeYoung of Styx opening. The Greek is one of LA’s best venues: small, not a bad seat, and in a picturesque canyon setting. A perfect night for some 70’s and 80’s rock and roll.

Dennis DeYoung opened the night with a set of nothing but Styx hits. Starting with “The Grand Illusion”, who’s opening lyric of “welcome” is a fitting way to start any concert. DeYoung was a key contributor and writer for many of the Styx hits and these days with the older touring classic rock bands you get a hodge-podge of original members and touring musicians. I liked that he was touring with just his name. The promoters could have done a better job of saying “from Styx” on the ads, for people that don’t know him by name. DeYoung’s voice sounded just like it did on the album and his keyboard playing was very inspiring. He was there to give people a great show and his supporting band was up to the task. His current guitarist August Zadra sang tracks where Tommy Shaw sang the lead with Styx, songs like “Too Much Time on My Hands”. They covered a bit of the Beatles “The End” before taking a fake walk off stage and encoring with “Renegade” and “Come Sail Away”. It was a very satisfying opening set.

Tom Scholz of Boston came on stage and guitar soloed the “Star Spangled Banner” before being joined by the rest of the band. Shultz is actually the only original member of Boston in the band. Lead Guitarist Gary Phil has been in the band since the mid eighties so I’d say he’s grandfathered in. Tommy DeCarlo is the lead singer now, a Boston fan turned front man after the tragic suicide of original singer Bradley Delp in 2007. They opened with “Rock & Roll Band” proclaiming “They’re just another band out of Boston” and then went straight into “Smokin’”. Their UFO themed logo was prominent on the jumbotron with a variety of space themed visuals throughout the set. Scholz was fantastic on his solo’s and with the four keyboard set up. It was great to hear so many songs that you grow up with, “Peace of Mind”, “Don’t Hold Back”, and “More Than a Feeling” just to name a few. “Amanda” which was apparently, or at least according to Scholz, the biggest Billboard hit of 1986 to not have a music video, took me back to days of being an elementary kid riding my bike cranking Boston’s Third Stage album on my cassette walkman. Beth Cohen, the bands utility keyboard and guitars, even sang a few tracks to give Decarlo a break in the 23 song set list. The only thing they that threw me off was they blew through their hits, so the encores were less popular tracks. Its pretty standard to hold a big one to keep the crowd in demand, but somehow Boston just gave it all earlier.

Overall it was a fun night and a great twofer classic rock bill. I actually enjoyed Dennis DeYoung’s performance better, and thought the tracks he sang were the strongest, even though my favorite Styx songs are the ones that he’s not the vocalist on.

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